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01 About us

TPC provides multi-faceted financial solutions for all creators – tailored to specific projects and needs. Make your creative ideas a reality by leveraging our exceptional lending, servicing, brokerage, and accounting capabilities.  

We’ll focus on the numbers, while you do what you do best: creating.


Film, TV and digital media projects financed


Full tax incentives administered for commercials

$ 544 M

Tax credits for which we acted as placement agents


Films managed by us in post production


Experts working together across our team

02 Services

We have comprehensive experience in many aspects of the film, television, and commercial industries – pairing one-stop-shop financial capabilities with an array of complementary services. 

Less hassle, more opportunities, better results.


We provide loans against various types of collateral including all tax credits and production incentives; minimum guarantees; licensing and distribution agreements; and negative pickups.


But we’re different from other lenders.


TPC is fast, flexible, reliable and totally transparent. Plus, we can help provide financing without the need of a completion bond.



We help earners of tax credits monetize these assets through sales and syndications. We also work with individuals and corporations to decrease their tax liability by acquiring tax credits.


With our vast network of tax credit earners and users, direct relationships with program administrators across the country, and extensive lending activities, we reach every US state with a tax credit program.


We also work with developers of historical rehabilitation and renewable energy projects, pairing them with our corporate client base in structuring state and federal tax credit equity investment.


Administration & Advisory

We created our advisory services platform to give you the resources to maximize incentives – from estimating the value of your tax credit or incentive, to comparing programs across jurisdictions, and more.


Wherever your capital comes from, we can help organize and expedite the incentive process – leveraging direct relationships with film offices and program administrators nationwide.


So while you’re busy creating a masterpiece, we’re busy organizing an incentive eligible production, maximizing the value of your credit as quickly and easily as possible.


Post Production

We provide post production accounting services on any project, in any shape or form.


By engaging us early in the process, we can ensure that the handoff of books is seamless.


We also handle paper delivery, participation statements, tax return filings, and filings required for the monetization of tax credits.


Commercial Incentives

We return millions of dollars to brands like yours every year.


From concept to cash, we handle your entire production incentive process – finding the right state program to fit your creative vision.


Our proven system maximizes the incentive dollars you collect back and minimizes the work you do to get them.


We tie our success to yours by advancing program costs and fees – We’ll even lend against the value of the incentive up-front. The best part – You’ll only pay us when you get paid.





Administration & Advisory

Post Production

Commercial Incentives

03 Our team

We’re growing. Increasing in size, skills and expertise.

TPC is made up of a diverse team of professionals with a single goal: giving you the best possible service.

04 Story

Before TPC there was Three Point Capital, founded by a trio of former bankers with the idea of building a seamless lending platform in a not-so-seamless industry.  We’ve experienced tremendous growth over the past 12 years. Our first major expansion happened in 2016 when we acquired Elite Commercial Incentive Services, and broadened our tax credit expertise to include commercial as well as film incentives.

In 2021, through a deal with The Forest Road Company – a specialty financier with tax credit lending roots – we became even better positioned to offer seamless lending and servicing solutions.

Now, we provide even more value-added services to meet the diverse needs of our clients.


Three Point Capital is founded as a film tax credit lender.


We create a tax credit brokerage arm.


We add full-service tax credit advisory solutions.


We expand into commercial incentives through our acquisition of Elite.


We launch our post services department.


We rebrand as TPC with The Forest Road Company taking a majority stake.

05 News

We stay up to date with the latest from the world of film and television finance…so you can too. 

06 Resources

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